Board of Directors


October 20, 2021

Call to Order

President Mike Daley called the meeting to order with board members Vice President Stephen Coles, Jeanine Ellis, Rachel Barkworth, Jill Allington and Chief Mike Cousineau. Also present was Assistant Fire Chief Leo Touzjian, Erle Collom, Will Heath, Les Male, Gary Maguire, Chris Rich, Jen Cook, Richard Rich and Board Secretary Teresa Hoffman.

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Stephen Coles made a motion to approve meeting minutes for September 2021, seconded by Jeanine Ellis, motion passed.

Submission of Bills

Jill Allington made a motion to pay bills, seconded by Stephen Coles, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Rachel Barkworth.

Radio Fundraising complete.

Budget 2022 Reviewed

o Projected Income = $604,215

o Projected Expenses = $764,417

Pension Board recommended adding $3,000 to Pension Fund for this year only.

o Maximum of $23,800 is matched at 90%.

o Decision postponed to next meeting.

Fire Chief’s Report

18 Calls; 7 Medical, 3 Motor Vehicle Accidents, 2 Medical Alarms, 3 Fires/Campfires, 1 Search & Rescue, 2 Power Line Issues

Seth Jaromin now Wildand FF trained.

Randy Barrios moving to WI.

Six Rookies, starting another Rookie Class.

SCBA Grant in process (5% Match).

Firefighter Safety and Disease Prevention grant application due Nov 1-Dec 17.

Old Business

Community Room

No new requests.


Mobile Radios for apparatus due next month.

5212 Replacement = 5203 – Approximate cost = $318,000

Online meeting tomorrow.

Chassis expected in 14 months

Stations / Land

Station One – Main - 14861 Highway 7 – Osmun

Will is working on Community Room windows.

Station Two – 2770 Riverside Drive – Heathermeade

Nothing new

Station Three – 4 County Road 113 East - Meeker Park

Nothing new

Station Four – 7400 Highway 7 – The Heights

Nothing new

Station Five – 32 Bunce School Road – McCulloch

Road has been graded.

New Business

Tax Exempt Letter 170 (c) 1 from Treasurer.

Stephen Coles made a motion to approve the Treasurer signing the letter, seconded by Jeanine Ellis, motion approved.

Public Comments


Fire Fighter Comments

Will thanked the Board for their contributions to the department.

Leo and Mike C. met two candidates for Sheriff.

Both candidates thought that fire departments should be getting PILT money.

Board Member Comments

Mike Daley thanked Erle Collom for his pay contribution and for paying for CPR certification in the past.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:09 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Teresa Hoffman

Board Secretary October 20, 2021

Treasurer Rachel Barkworth , Vice President Stephen Coles, Board Member Jeanine Ellis. President Mike Daley, Board Member Jill Allington