Board of Directors


April 20, 2022

Call to Order

President Mike Daley called the meeting to order with board members Vice President Stephen Coles, Jeanine Ellis, Rachel Barkworth, Jill Allington and Chief Mike Cousineau. Also present was Assistant Fire Chief Leo Touzjian, Bill Ellis, Jim Hocker, Scott Alexander, Gary Maguire, Erle Collom and Board Secretary Teresa Hoffman.

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Stephen Coles made a motion to approve minutes for March 22, 2022, seconded by Jill Allington, motion passed.

Submission of Bills

Stephen Coles made a motion to pay bills, seconded by Jeanine Ellis, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Rachel Barkworth.

Contingency Motion Radio Installation.

o After purchasing all radios, the 2021 Radio Fundraiser has $3,934 leftover.

o Jeanine Ellis made a motion to move $3,934 from Contingency to Capital Communications to pay Volunteer Firefighters to install and program radios in trucks. Seconded by Stephen Coles, motion passed.

Fire Chief’s Report

12 Calls; 2 Wildland Fire (1 Mutual Aid), 9 Medical, 1 Cancelled (Wrong Address)

o Soul Shine Wildland Fire in Estes Park.


o CASCADE Grant approved - $20,000

- Cascade system ordered ($46,293), awaiting delivery.

o SCBA Grant

- Decision pushed back to August.

- SCBA prices increasing.

o Extractor PPE

- Chris Rich is working on pricing, Stephen Coles working on contacts.


o Rachel Oppermann 2.5 more weeks in EMT school.

o Chris Rich in Oregon for Faller training.

Dry Hydrants

o New one being installed at Coyote Hill.

o Possibly another one on County Road 84 West.

Stations / Land

Station One – Main - 14861 Highway 7 – Osmun

o Bay 2 door rail and opener broke, temporary fix completed.

o Window repairs will continue when weather permits.

Station Two – 2770 Riverside Drive – Heathermeade

o Nothing new

Station Three – 4 County Road 113 East - Meeker Park

o Electrical work done, all donated.

Station Four – 7400 Highway 7 – The Heights

o Nothing new

Station Five – 32 Bunce School Road – McCulloch

o Lockers from Estes Valley Fire.

Land at 23 Business Route 7

o Mike Daley left message with a Jackman heir. (Oscar and Ruth’s grandson).


Larimer County gas card for emergencies.

5212 replacement – working on details with Rosenbauer.

5225 (Ambulance) - Working on needs/wants.

5203 (Pumper/Tender) - Chassis expected in third quarter.

5228 (Honda UTV) – Tracks installed

Mobile Radios being installed, 6-8 hours for each one (200 hours total).

o Use the extra $3,934 to pay volunteers?

Old Business

Community Room

Meadow Mountain Water July 17.

District ByLaws

Jeanine Ellis made a motion to approve the amended ByLaws.

Fire Chief Goals

Mike Cousineau made a list of goals that he is currently working on.

Mike Daley would like a couple of members to volunteer for a ‘Goals Committee’. The committee would come up with goals for the Board Secretary and Fire Chief. The goals will be used for a Performance Review and Salary Discussion.

St Vrain Forest Health Partnership

Meeting went well.

Boulder County, RMNP, National Forest Service

Looking for grant money.

Ready, Set, Go Program and Open House –Saturday, May 21 – 11:00 to 16:00

ANEN, St Vrain Forest Health Partnership, Residents

New Business

Pension Board Meeting – June 15, 2022

New tax requirement (W-4P).

Public Comments


Fire Fighter Comments

LT this Chief is more thorough than I was, but I want credit for creating Mike Cousineau.

Community Cisterns have many complications.

The payees should be the homeowners that benefit.

Board Member Comments

Stephen Coles thanked everyone for the opportunity to work on the Board. Will still be involved with ANEN.

Jeanine Ellis also mentioned that it has been fun and “I will continue to haunt you”.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Teresa Hoffman

Board Secretary April 20, 2022

Board Members Mike Daley, Jim Hocker, Jill Allington, Bill Ellis, Rachel Barkworth