Board of Directors


December 12, 2022

Call to Order

President Mike Daley called the meeting to order with board members Bill Ellis, Jill Allington, Jim Hocker, Rachel Barkworth and Chief Mike Cousineau. Also present was Board Secretary Teresa Hoffman, Erle Collom, Leo Touzjian.

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Bill Ellis made a motion to approve minutes for November 2022, seconded by Jim Hocker, motion passed.

Submission of Bills

Jim Hocker made a motion to pay bills, seconded by Bill Ellis, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Rachel Barkworth.

Budget 2023 Reviewed

Jim Hocker made a motion to accept Resolution to Adopt Budget (2022-15), seconded by Bill Ellis, motion passed.

Jim Hocker made a motion to accept Resolution to Set Mill Levies (2022-16) at 7.516 mills, seconded by Bill Ellis, motion passed.

Jim Hocker made a motion to accept Resolution to Appropriate Sums of Money (2022-17), seconded by Bill Ellis, motion passed.

Fire Chief’s Report

5 Calls; 3 Motor Vehicle Accidents, 1 Odor Investigation, 1 Medical


o Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control Grant (DFPC) Grant for SCBA Cascade.

- Many fire departments could not meet the October 31, 2022 deadline; therefore DFPC will be extending the deadline. Expected ship date for additional equipment is January 6, 2023.


o Three Rookies going through Rookie Training.

Stations / Land

Station One – Main - 14861 Highway 7 – Osmun

o Community Room heater to be repaired, part received.

o New light fixtures ordered.

o New training tables and chairs.

o New printer ordered.

Station Two – 2770 Riverside Drive – Heathermeade

o Nothing new.

Station Three – 4 County Road 113 East - Meeker Park

o Fix woodpecker holes.

Station Four – 7400 Highway 7 – The Heights

o Nothing new.

Station Five – 32 Bunce School Road – McCulloch

o Nothing new.

Land at 23 Business Route 7

o Mike Daley found last four relatives. Sent letters to all, awaiting response.


5212 (Engine) replacement – working on details with Rosenbauer.

5225 (Ambulance) - working on needs/wants.

5203 (Pumper/Tender) - Chassis expected January 2023, paying deposit this month.

Old Business

  • Community Room

No new requests.

New Business

  • Election 2023/Mill Levy Increase

Truck Fund - Need to increase in order to afford accessories on new apparatus.

Firefighting - This budget category is used for a long list of items.

Communications – New radios need to be maintained and replaced.

Stations & Grounds – Relying on volunteers for building, maintenance and remodeling.

Fleet – Prices constantly rising and are more complex, which makes it difficult/expensive to repair.

⮚ 10 Year Capital Budget Plan – Board Members to review.

Special Board Meeting – Thursday, January 5, 2022

Decision – May 2023, November 2024 or not at all?

1.4 mil = $66,500 apx


Is AFPD an employee?

No information from Colorado Department of Labor and Employment or FAMLI .

Response from John Chmil, Attorney at Lyons Gaddis Attorneys & Counselors:

If the District is all volunteer, there is no need to take any specific action to register and opt-out at this time. Since the District does not have any employees, it will not be considered a “local government employer” for purposes of FAMLI. However, this is something the District should continue to monitor. If there is a possibility that paid positions may be added in the future, we can assist in analyzing then what action would be appropriate to ensure the District could adequately opt-out without issue.

  • Board National Disaster Training – coming from Boulder Office of Disaster Management early next year.

  • Ballot Measures 1A and 1B – New Sheriff thinks Sheriff’s Department will handle funds.

$18 million slated to be spent on RMR building.

  • Highway 7 Closure Gates

Not to be used for snow closures, only in extreme cases (flood, fires, rock slides, etc.).

Notifications to Boulder Dispatch, they will tone AFPD.

Public Comments

  • None

Fire Fighter Comments

  • None

Board Member Comments

  • None


  • The Board Meeting was adjourned at 9:29.

Respectfully submitted:

Teresa Hoffman

Board Secretary December 12, 2022

Board Members Mike Daley, Jim Hocker, Jill Allington, Bill Ellis, Rachel Barkworth