Board of Directors


September 15, 2021

Call to Order

Vice President Stephen Coles called the meeting to order with board members Jeanine Ellis, Rachel Barkworth, Jill Allington and Chief Mike Cousineau. President Mike Daley attended via Face Time. Also present was Assistant Fire Chief Leo Touzjian, Erle Collom, Will Heath, John Allington and Board Secretary Teresa Hoffman.

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Jeanine Ellis made a motion to approve meeting minutes for August 2021, seconded by Rachel Barkworth, motion passed.

Submission of Bills

Jeanine Ellis made a motion to pay bills, seconded by Rachel Barkworth, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The Treasurer’s Report was given by Rachel Barkworth.

  • Pension Actuarial Report arrived this week, schedule Pension Board Meeting on October 13 at 5:00 PM.

o Treasurer presented options for paying for new apparatus.

Fire Chief’s Report

  • 16 Calls; 4 Medical, 4 Smoke Alarms, 4 Motor Vehicle Accidents, 4 Smoke Alarms, 1 Smoke Report, 1 Search & Rescue, 1 Lift Assist, 1 Propane Leak

  • AFPD took possession of 2021 Polaris RZR UTV, plus trailer.

o Not going in service until outfitted and FFs receive proper training.

  • SCBA Grant in process.

  • Requested refurbish cost estimate for 5225.

Old Business

  • Community Room

    • Post Hill Homeowners Association meeting on Saturday, Sept 25.


  • 5212 Replacement = 5203 – Approximate cost = $318,000

    • New folding tank ($2,700) and headset for Engineer.

    • Reuse whatever can take off 5212 (ladders, radio, etc.).

    • Need approval from Board to sign the contract from Rosenbaeuer

    • 400+ days to delivery.

    • Pay for chassis upon arrival to the manufacturer ($107,000 – March 2021?).

    • Jeanine Ellis made a motion to authorize Mike Cousineau to sign the contract, seconded by Rachel Barkworth, motion passed.

  • Truck Plan

    • Swapped the replacement years for 5225 (now 2024) and 5241 (now 2030).

    • Ambulance value changed from $200,000 to $250,000

Stations / Land

  • Station One – Main - 14861 Highway 7 – Osmun

    • New cleaner = Alysa Mattingly.

    • Garage Door fixed, one opener received.

    • Station Two – 2770 Riverside Drive – Heathermeade

      • Painted, caulked, sign re-installed.

  • Station Three – 4 County Road 113 East - Meeker Park

    • Nothing new

  • Station Four – 7400 Highway 7 – The Heights

    • Nothing new

  • Station Five – 32 Bunce School Road – McCulloch

    • No response from Boulder County Service Request (erosion issues).

New Business

  • Budget in process, will be presented at October Board Meeting.

  • Mike Daley – for any changes in compensations, please research for October.

    • Expected revenue increase for 2022 = approximately $52,000.

    • Spend half, save half?

Public Comments

  • None

Fire Fighter Comments

  • None

Board Member Comments

  • Stephen Coles thanked Rachel Barkworth for all the work on the truck purchasing/financing plans.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:09 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Teresa Hoffman

Board Secretary September 15, 2021

Treasurer Rachel Barkworth , Vice President Stephen Coles, Board Member Jeanine Ellis. President Mike Daley, Board Member Jill Allington