Board of Directors


July 20, 2022

Call to Order

President Mike Daley called the meeting to order with board members Jill Allington, Bill Ellis, Jim Hocker and Chief Mike Cousineau. Also present was Assistant Chief Leo Touzjian, Erle Collom, Will Heath, Chris Rich, Phil Stern, Chad Julian, Jeanine Ellis and Board Secretary Teresa Hoffman.

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Jim Hocker made a motion to approve minutes for June 15, 2022, seconded by Jill Allington, motion passed.

Submission of Bills

Jim Hocker made a motion to pay bills, seconded by Bill Ellis, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Mike Daley.

The Board wants to wait on moving any money from Contingency to Stations & Grounds or Fleet Operations until later in the year. Also wait on creating a sub-committee.

Fire Chief’s Report

43 Calls; 23 Medical, 10 Illegal/Unattended Campfire/Smoke Reports, 2 Motor Vehicle Accidents, 1 Domestic (standby), 2 Memorial Service, 1 Accidental Fire Alarm, 1 Cancelled En Route, 1 Wildland Fire, 1 Odor Investigation, 1 Electrical Short by Lightning.


o CASCADE Grant approved - $20,000 - Cascade system ordered ($46,293), delivery in December.

o SCBA Grant - Decision pushed back to September 30, SCBA prices increasing.

o Extractor PPE – Pricing from Chris Rich approximately $7,000. Stephen Coles working on contacts.


o 1 Rookie, 2 people came to one training.

o Duty Officers for July and August.

Dry Hydrants

o Rockledge – installed and tested.

o Annunciation Heights – installed and tested.

o Middle Fork Ranch – another possibility.


o Cisterns and Camps – 6 out of 7 Children Camp inspections done.

St. Vrain Forest Health Partnership

o Three meetings in AFPD.

New Polygons set.

o Will print for AFPD and will send links to ANEN.

Stations / Land

Station One – Main - 14861 Highway 7 – Osmun

o Allenspark Water concerned that we do not have a backflow device.

Station Two – 2770 Riverside Drive – Heathermeade

o 5228 now housed there.

Station Three – 4 County Road 113 East - Meeker Park

o Nothing new

Station Four – 7400 Highway 7 – The Heights

o Building roof (shingles) should be replaced next year (metal).

Station Five – 32 Bunce School Road – McCulloch

o Nothing new

Land at 23 Business Route 7

o Mike Daley talked to a relative who is unwilling to give out any further information.


5212 (Engine) replacement – working on details with Rosenbauer.

5225 (Ambulance) - working on needs/wants.

5203 (Pumper/Tender) - Chassis expected in third quarter.

Old Business

Community Room

Senior Exercise Group wants to use room on Tuesdays at 10 and Fridays at 10.

Post Hill Homeowners Association meeting on Saturday, September 10.


Ilse Gayl is partnering with other companies to create this new system.

Highly sensitive cameras – heat sensor, GPS, analyze gases before anyone calls 911.

New Business

Performance Evaluations

Bill and Jim will create a form for evaluations and will send to Board before the next meeting.

Signatory Changes for AFPD Bank of Colorado Accounts- done.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Phil Stern and Chad Julian are interested in updating the plan from 2009.

Boulder County CWPP was last updated 2011.

Grants are available - from the State of Colorado

Chad Julian will notify AFPD when grants are open, two weeks to apply.

AFPD the lead to work on the revision.

Community engagement – 1- 2 Years.

Focus on firefighting strategy, notification, evacuation, land use.

Partners for updating CWPP:

Wildfire Planning International – Molly Mawrie – Littleton, CO.

Ember Alliance – Loveland, CO ($9,000- $10,000).

Think about how to change the outcome for the community when fire comes.

Special District Associations (SDA) – Payment In Lieu of Taxes

Bill Ellis will talk to the SDA about approaching legislators concerning this issue.

Public Comments

Jeanine Ellis – Allenspark Area Club – BBQ, September 10, 2022.

Fire Fighter Comments

CWPP is a major investment, St.Vrain Forest Health Partnership is a better option for same benefits.

Board Member Comments



The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Teresa Hoffman

Board Secretary July 20, 2022

Board Members Mike Daley, Jim Hocker, Jill Allington, Bill Ellis, Rachel Barkworth